SHB Century Club Money Market Account

The Money Market Plus Account is designed to earn a higher rate of interest and still be able to write a minimal amount of checks.

Interest rate may vary each week in relation to money market interest rates. Interest rates may change each Wednesday.

◊   Initial deposit required to open account - $10,000.00

  • Interest bearing checking account
  • Direct Deposit
  • Monthly Bank Statement
  • Free online and telephone banking
  • No monthly maintenance fee unless your balance falls below $10,000.00; then you will be charged a $6.00 monthly fee
  • You may write 3 checks per month and 3 pre-authorized transfers. If you exceed this limit, there will be a service charge of $2.00 per check and $2.00 per transfer.
  • When visiting one of our three locations, cash withdrawals or transfers from this account to another account can be done as many times as you want with no service charge.
* Fees may reduce your earnings.