When the late J.H. Romer, Henry Romer, William H. Romer, John G. Romer and Edward F. Romer established The St. Henry Bank in 1905, it took a great deal of planning and organization to open in temporary headquarters. These trend-setters have been followed by five generations of Romers who have maintained the same dedication to service.

The fifth generation of Romers is currently doing the day to day operations of The St. Henry Bank. David John Romer, current president of The St. Henry Bank and son of Jack Romer, is the fifth generation of Romers to serve as the bank’s chief executive officer. Karla Romer Clune, daughter of Jack Romer, has been employed at the bank since 1990 and is the Cashier.

The bank is now serving fifth generation customers, great, great grandchildren of the original patrons of The St. Henry Bank. Due to the tremendous growth, the bank expanded its facilities into neighboring communities such as Maria Stein in 1975. A branch office was opened in The St. Henry Food Mart in April 2000 to offer extended morning and evening hours to its customers.

Customers are receiving a variety of cutting edge financial services, including internet banking, bill pay, ATM Debit Card Services, HSA Accounts and loans to meet all of its customers’ needs. A Loan Originator is on the road to serve the bank’s customers. Currently, about 70 percent of the bank’s loan portfolio is in agriculture, with the balance made up of commercial, home mortgage and installment loans. Mr. Romer and his staff of loan officers maintain the same personal attitude that has been the bank’s hallmark since its simple beginning over 100 years ago. Each bank employee enjoys knowing customers personally, and being able to assist them with individual needs.

The St. Henry Bank knows its roots and believes in its heritage. Its future will build on its past, continuing its tradition of personalized service and the highest of banking integrity.

1st Generation

~ 1905 – 1918
J.H. Romer, President

~January – May 1918
Henry Romer, President

These two gentlemen were cousins and original founders
of the bank.

2nd Generation

~ 1918 – 1941
William H. Romer, President
(son of J.H. Romer)

~1941 - 1951
Elizabeth A. Romer, President
(sister of William H. Romer)

3rd Generation

~ 1951 – 1974
Leo E. Romer, President
(son of William H. Romer)

His experience guided the bank through the Depression without any loss to its depositors or stockholders.

4th Generation

~ 1974 - 2003
John F. Romer, President
2003 – Current, Chairman of the Board
(son of Leo E. Romer)

He led The St. Henry Bank through the technological period replacing pen and paper with advanced computer systems.

5th Generation

2003 – Current
David J. Romer, President
(son of John F. Romer)

~1990 – Current
Karla Romer Clune
(daughter of John F. Romer)